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Owner & Lead Wedding Planner For Aligned Events

I am a native of the Pioneer Valley and have been working in events and weddings for almost two decades. My first job was working weddings, where I completely fell in love with the magic of a well-synchronized event.

In my career as a New England wedding planner, I've been lucky enough to focus on my two main loves: planning bespoke events and sustainability advocacy. In moving back to the Pioneer Valley after years in Boston and Portland, ME, I founded Aligned Events. I adore every aspect of weddings - but my heart lies in getting to know couples as they navigate the planning journey together.

Shannon Cruise Ramon

We value respect and inclusion and treat you, your crew, and your vendor team with value, empathy, and respect.

Our Approach Is Collaborative, Supportive, And Kind

Working together, you will feel like you have a (very experienced) friend in your corner and someone you can turn to for advice. You will know you're not missing something and all the things that need to be considered are being handled by a professional. As your wedding day approaches you can take a deep breath knowing someone is managing all the details and you can actually enjoy (yes, enjoy!) your wedding day without a single worry. Presence and honesty are important - we’ll always give you an honest opinion and offer guidance on how to make an idea successful (and trust us - we’ve seen it all!).  

Our Key Beliefs

The memories of a beautiful event last forever. Nonetheless, events utilize a lot of resources. We are seeking to be a part of the solution. Our goals are to minimize waste, repurpose excess and encourage sustainable choices. Ask us about our sustainability initiatives and resources.

Strive for Sustainable

Planning and executing events can be stressful. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed in managing expectations and decisions. Our services allow you to stay present and relaxed knowing you have a caring professional with you every step of the way.

Mindfulness Matters

We care about our clients and community. Located in western Massachusetts we proudly recommend and partner with local vendors whenever possible. We believe events are an opportunity to build connections and we strive to build local vendor relationships that benefit you in planning your big day.

Support Local Communities

We strive to be responsible business stewards in our community and in the world. With each event we do, we donate between three percent to a local non-profit or to a pressing global issue. Feel free to ask us more!

Always Give Back

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