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Megan and Tyrel’s Tented Wedding in Vermont

Real Weddings

guilford, vt | photographs by A Moment In Time Photographs

Megan and Tyrel were married on the property of her family’s business in Guilford, VT. Their wedding fell on one of the most perfect spring days. Warmer than average with everything around us bursting into life. Megan brought us on for Wedding Management – to help her and Tyrel sort through the nuances of an at-home wedding. Their celebration was the definition of sweet, with countless personal touches to make the day true to them.

Megan & Tyrel-42.jpg

One of the many things we loved about Megan and Tyrel’s wedding is how they honored the local area. Buckets of fresh spring ferns and river rocks lined the ceremony aisle – and when we say fresh – her dad and sisters went and picked them that morning. The centerpieces, seating chart and dessert displays featured stunning slabs of local slate. What’s more than those beautiful objects, both of their families were fully present and offering helping hands, snacks and hugs.

Megan and Tyrel are kind. Even in photos – the depth of their empathy and support for one another is clear. When we worked together in detail meetings, I was touched by the level of thoughtfulness in the way they spoke to one another. In listening to their toasts during the wedding, sisters and best friends told of their resiliency as a couple and their willingness to show up and do the work of caring for another person through thick and thin.

Megan & Tyrel-83.jpg

Even though we’re writing this in the cold of winter, it’s still possible to feel the buoyant spring energy and the uplifting love that these two share. Congratulations Megan and Tyrel!

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